Panoramic view of the Ogunquit River beneath the scenic sky by the grounds with parked kayaks at Ogunquit River Inn
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Our Grounds & Estuary Access

Embrace Coastal Tranquility

At Ogunquit River Inn, every corner of our grounds invites you to savor the beauty of Maine’s natural splendor, making your stay not just an escape but an immersion into coastal tranquility and adventure.

Tranquil Oasis by The Estuary

Step into our serene haven—bask in the lush, sprawling landscape that connects seamlessly to one of Ogunquit's exclusive estuaries. Our grounds offer a natural sanctuary, boasting direct access to one of only two major estuaries in the area. Picture-perfect sunrises and sunsets paint the sky as the estuaries gracefully lead to the majestic Atlantic Ocean.

Picture-perfect landscape view of estuaries surrounded by lush greenery near Ogunquit River Inn
Lawn chairs adorned with picnic tables and plush seating on a greenery ground by Ogunquit River Inn

Expansive Lawns For Leisure

Relaxation finds a new definition on our expansive lawns, adorned with picnic tables, grills, and plush seating. Embrace the laid-back coastal vibes as you lounge in our lawn chairs, soaking in the tranquility of the surroundings. These grounds aren't just green spaces—they're the canvas for unforgettable moments.

Spectacular Poolside Delights

Families find their haven at our heated outdoor pool—a hub of joy and laughter. Perfect for families, it's a place to splash, play, and create lasting memories. While the little ones delight in the pool, parents can unwind poolside, taking in the serene ambiance of our coastal retreat.

People kayaking in Ogunquit River with lush greenery near Ogunquit River Inn

Seamless Access to Adventure

Kayaks are readily available for rent right on-site, through World Within Kayak, inviting guests to explore the estuaries at their own pace. Glide through the tranquil waters, soaking in the natural beauty while enjoying a fun and engaging activity at our doorstep.

Guests receive special discounted rates.

Panoramic view of the Ogunquit River beneath the scenic sky with parked kayaks and benches design image used at Ogunquit River Inn

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